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Tru Calling: When Colors Fade

Prologue: When Colors Fade

When colors fade, black and white remained. Black and white held constant. Black and white paralleled one another, complemented one another, clashed against each other. Yet, when colors fade everything changes. Black and white are no longer what black and white should represent, but something much larger.

Black bled into white, a stain against her purity. White melted into black because she saw a future that was gray. Not bleak or depressing, but rather gray with uncertainty. With no sense of balance and every sense of insecurity.

She was uncertain, but did not falter. He approached her, stride in his step and an unwavering wicked grin plastered across his face. Before she knew it, her lips were pressed against his, capturing them and savoring her sweet essence. Life should not taste so savory, a delicate flavor of sweetness lost amongst a forgotten aroma.

Death should not taste so revolting, yet intriguing. It was wrong. This wasn't right.

But when colors fade, black and white held constant.

Though it would not be long before black and white would melt into each other, staining the opposite color with purity and wholesomeness, darkness and temptation respectively.

Now everything was a unique shade of gray.

Pulling away, he looked into her eyes, giving her a chance to catch her breath. But before she could speak or turn away, his lips melted away her tension, her frustration, her hesitation.

He kissed her once more.