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Tru Calling: Together As One

Part I: Sculpture

Summary: She is the sculpture. She is the creation.

Tru's POV

Molded from non-existence

New life takes her first breath

And then she cries

She is the creation of two opposite halves

Two opposite halves which make a balanced whole

A mold of our bodies

A shape of our love

From non-existence comes the slightest flutter

Within my sacred space

An envelope of protection as our creation blossoms

Into existence

Carefully crafted from a night of infectious passion

Love that transcends farther than I have ever known

More than two bodies drawn together, pulsating with excitement

Between the red silk sheets

To create something from the mold of our bodies

A sculpture of new life

Together as one, we create her

Like a work of art

A sculpture

Our daughter

But every work of art

Must crumble

Must bleed

Colors drained as a hollow emptiness replaced them

That's how I felt a few years later

When she was taken from me

By my own flesh and blood

By the person who created me

Who gave me life

Who let me live

Even now

Even after he knew that I knew who he used to be

He used to be like my other half

My father

Who used to be Death

As Jack was now

Once loved my mother

Then her life ended, the thread cut

No existence

An abrupt end to her existence

Set up by her opposite

My father

Now, though he is no longer Death, he seeks an unfair balance

Knowing about my daughter

The sculpture created by Life and Death

Two opposite halves

Molding a meaningful, beautiful whole

My precious baby girl

Our magnificent creation

And just as every work of art

Must crumble

Must bleed

He kidnaps her

In the dark of night

Gone is the light

When she and I are alone

Slipping a needle into my arm

Drowning me in a spiral of oblivion

He takes her

He takes her away from me

Away from us

His words caustic, his tone unforgiving

I scream as I hear her cries

My screams are hollow, an emptiness filled with longing

Color draining from my cheeks; life draining from my body


My little girl

Don't take her away

Please come back

Come back


But I am already slipping

Into a warm, inviting oblivion

Sinking deeper

As the blackness overtakes me

The darkness swallows her

And then she can no longer be seen

My beautiful sculpture

At one time, Life and Death molded this creation

Together as one

No longer