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Tru Calling: This Time Around

Historian's Note: This story takes place after the season finale of Tru Calling.

This is the sequel to Not Everything.

Chapter One

The desolate halls of the city morgue were dimly lit, as Tru Davies made her way into the Standards Room that night. Everything around her was quiet; the world almost seemed at peace around her even though she knew it wasn't. The only audible sounds she heard were the rhythmic clanking of her boots each time they came in contact with the floor and her breaths, each time she inhaled and exhaled.

That's how quiet the morgue was that night and the quietness chilled her to the bone. After several months of working there, she thought she could get used to the eerie quietude. But she never had. She never would. It seemed to settle in around her like a thick fog, enveloping her into its malevolent grasp.

She pushed the door to the Standards Room open and walked inside. She instantly noticed a body lying on the hard, metal table in front of her. Impulsively, she thought about calling for Davis and wondered why he wasn't already in the room bagging the personal items and carefully inspecting the fallen victim.

However, she decided to ignore her impulses as curiosity engulfed her body. She slowly made her way towards the table and looked down at the victim.

At first she stared in an almost riveted fashion at what she saw. She blinked her eyes rapidly and repeatedly for a few moments before letting out a huge gasp.

How could this be? Was her mind playing tricks on her? What was going on?

Suddenly, she heard a faint chuckle come from behind her. She turned around slowly only to find Jack Harper standing in the doorway, a slow ironic smile crept over his face as his dark eyes focused sharply on hers.

She didn't say anything. She couldn't bring herself to utter a single word. She just continued to stare at him and stood her ground.



She heard the voice call to her; she tore her gaze away from Jack and towards the body on the table.

She watched as her mother's head turned towards her.

"You can't let him win."

Outside, the rain began to come down more heavily on the pavement and the thunder rose to a loud crescendo…..

Thunder crashed in the sky above and the rain continued to come down in buckets.

Tru rolled over in her bed. It was almost mid-morning now, although it didn't seem that way due to the crappy weather outside.

Remembering her dream, her eyes instantly snapped open and she sat up in bed, covered in a cold sweat. These dreams didn't happen too often, but whenever they did it always gave Tru quite a scare.

Jack was there this time and her mother—her mother was the one—her mother was the fallen victim lying on the table. And she had uttered the same words that Harrison had when he had experienced his brush with death.

What did that mean? What exactly was her mother trying to tell her? Well, she already knew the answer to that one. Her mother was telling her that she couldn't let Jack win; she couldn't let any more innocent victims die. It wasn't their time yet. Just like her mother. It wasn't her mother's time to die either.

But Tru knew that every time she had saved a victim—or even lost one—that she was risking her own life. She knew this now more than ever. Not only because of Jack, but because she had lost Luc and Sabrina. She had even gotten shot in her resolute attempt to save the beautiful aspiring Olympic gymnast.

Still shaken from her nightmare, Tru laid in bed, lost in deep reverie.

It was the shrill ringing of her telephone that brought her back to reality.

She reached over and grabbed the phone, putting the receiver to her ear.

"Hello?" she asked in a trembling voice.

"Rise and shine, sis!" chirped the voice at the other end of the line. "Hey, what's the matter? You sound a little freaked. This wouldn't happen to be one of those oh-so-wonderful rewind days of yours, would it?"

"No, Harry. Just a bad dream," Tru replied. She paused momentarily before adding, "It was about mom. She said exactly what you said when you asked for my help and it just really scared me."

"Huh, talk about déjà vu," Harrison said. He really didn't know how to respond to that. The death of Tru's mother had a devastating effect on everyone, especially Tru. And so did his brush with death. Harrison was truly at a loss for words.

"So what is it you really called about, Harry?" Tru asked, bringing her brother out of his own daydream.

"Oh yeah, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to cancel on our little breakfast get-together this morning. I've got some—uh—very important business to attend to."

Tru couldn't help but roll her eyes. This was just so typical of him. "Otherwise, known as a breakfast date?" she questioned sarcastically.

Harrison flinched at his sister's response. "What are you, a psychic now?" he answered smartly.

"No, just call it a hunch."

"Well, I gotta get going. I wouldn't want Kelsey to get the wrong impression. See ya later, Tru."

Tru smiled. "Bye Harry."

She was happy to see that her brother was dating again. Lindsay had played such a big role in his romantic life and now Tru thought it was best that he move on. She knew Lindsay would always have a special place in his heart. She meant so much to him. But that was all in the past.

Tru carefully returned the phone to its cradle and looked out the window at the dismal scene presented before her, as large droplets of rain pounded the dirty pavement below.

The rain had cleared up when Tru arrived at Harrison's apartment later that night. She figured she'd better bring him some dinner and talk things out with him. He really needed the support at this time in his seemingly hopeless love life of his. Plus, dinner probably wouldn't have been able to fit in his budget anyways. Especially if he had actually paid for his date's breakfast that morning.

When Tru's bright red car pulled up to the long row of apartment buildings, she noticed an ambulance with paramedics working busily at the grim scene.

She parked her car and went up to a paramedic and inquired about it. He gave her a puzzled look and was taken aback for a moment, until she flashed her Morgue I.D. in front of his face.

Apparently, a young woman found dead in her apartment not too long ago. Someone had heard the shot ring out and immediately called for help. Unfortunately, the victim's killer had escaped before the police and paramedics arrived. Now they were in hot pursuit for the killer. And that was that.

Tru immersed herself more closely into the grim scene. She spotted the beautiful deceased woman laying on a gurney. There was a large bullet wound that was deeply embedded inside her chest. Her face was ashen now, with hardly any color on her once seemingly rosy cheeks. Her hair was a beautiful dark chestnut brown and she looked a little taller than average and was fairly well-built.

Tru noticed paramedics digging through the woman's purse in search of some form of I.D. Finally, they found her driver's license. The glare from a flashlight held by another paramedic blinded Tru for a moment and then she saw the name on the license: Caitlyn Williamson.

No, it couldn't it? She looked back at Caitlyn and instantly recognized the similarities. She looked at the license again, making sure she wasn't just imagining all of this. Was she really….

"Don't leave."

Unexpectedly, the woman's head turned in Tru's direction and her big brown eyes stared straight into Tru's.

"Save me."

Here we go again...

To be continued…