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Tru Calling and Dollhouse Crossover: Rules

He watches her from an office window. From a place where she does not look. His gaze does not leave the movement of her body. Her face is a careful blank, void of any feeling or emotion. Just blank. She moves.

He sees her. Watches her.

Ironic how it isn't really her he is watching. But rather a ghost inside of a shell. One met between two planes of simultaneous existence.

"Mr. Harper?" a stern female voice diverts his attention from the spectacle of his beloved.

"Yes?" Jack Harper turns around, meeting the cool, calculating eyes of Adelle DeWitt.

"I'm sorry I kept you waiting. Is there something I can help you with?"

"Actually, there is," Jack replies, licking his dry, parched lips. "I wanted to talk to you about Tru."

Adelle raises a curious eyebrow. "You mean Echo?"

His tone is incredulous. "Is that what you're calling her?"

"That is what she is called in her Doll state, yes. Anything else?"

"I want her out of here. No more games. No more of this mind wiping crap. You're giving her back to me and you're doing it now."

A flicker of a mysterious smile creases Adelle's lips. "I'm afraid that's not an option. She's tied to a five-year contract with us."

Jack exhales, frustrated. He takes a few steps toward Adelle, agitation coloring his angry tone. "Her father did this to her. He found out about our relationship, kidnapped her and then he served her to you on a silver platter."

"I'm well aware of that, Mr. Harper. But there are rules-…"

"I don't give a damn about the rules! I just want her back the way she was!"

"I'm afraid that's not possible. Theirs is nothing I can do about Tru's predicament. If you're so concerned, then why don't you go and talk to her father?"

"I can't do that," Jack tells Adelle. "I know all about the Dollhouse and the business you conduct here. That's why I came to you first."

Adelle eyes the man opposite her carefully. "Very well, Mr. Harper. Since I see you're too damn stubborn in this matter, I'll let you be with her. On one condition."

"And what's that?" he questions, his voice thick and serious.

"You must abide by the rules which I give you."

So he does.

For Echo's sake. For Tru's sake. To keep her safe.

He hopes that one day she will come back to him. The way she was before.

Tru Davies.

Not Echo.

Now she lies in the imprint chair, holding his hand. Her wide, innocent brown eyes melt into his cerulean blues.

His other hand grips the flimsy paper, which he reads from. It is his script.

The rules.

He steadies his breathing as he wills his voice not to shake.

Someday, Tru. Someday you'll come back to me. But for now…

"Do you trust me?" he asks her.

She squeezes his hand a little tighter, a sudden feeling of warmth flooding through her.

The connection is established.

"With my life," she replies.