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Tru Calling: Remember

Summary: He told her to remember what she would never forget. One-shot. Tru/Jack

When the door opened, she stood before him.

Her dappled brown eyes flickered in promise, a promise of the smallest glimpse of light amidst the darkness shrouded in black. Her face was a mask of heightened anxiety and extreme fear.

She shivered.

He grinned mischievously as he stepped back, his gesture inviting her to come inside.

The door slammed shut behind her.

He circled around her slowly, watching her as a salacious predator watches its frightened prey.

"I knew you'd remember," Jack Harper hissed seductively into the young woman's ear.

"It's only because you won't let me forget," Tru Davies retorted, flinching mildly as his lips brushed against her neck.

This was how it always started. He would tell her to remember and she would listen. She would come. She dare not forget.

Because she did not want to face the consequences Fate could have planned for her.

So she would always come.

And this was how it always started.

This was when time seemed suspended. She did not remember how hard her back hit the mattress or how warm her bare skin felt under the silk embroidery of the bed sheets.

She did not remember the moans she let escape her lips as he moved over her, his lips grazing along her neck.

Or how she tumbled into a deep sleep, exhausted, as she lay beside him in the early wake of the following morning.

And she would move along about her day as the hours came to pass and night inevitably fell again.

No one knew.

Not even her.

She knew to come. She remembered to come, but did not know why. What always made her come back to him like this? She would never forget what he told her.

He told her to come.

And she would always listen.

Always remember.

For this was how it always started.