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Tru Calling: Reflections

How I Felt- Davis expresses his feelings about Tru.

I knew about her gift and told her everything was going to be okay.

We could get through this, we could work together and she told me I always knew the right things to say.

She always did her job as a sister and a friend,

I couldn't have even pictured her life to come to such a tragic end.

She was always so brave with facing strife,

Never imagined what could end her life.

Destiny vs. fate,

Fate won and I came too late.

Death looming over me telling me that I couldn't have done anything at all,

This was the balance and these were the outcomes and the fall.

Pangs of guilt still harboring inside of me,

Tru, if only you could hear and see.

If you could only know

How I felt about you and how I wish I could tell you so.