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Haven: Notice

Audrey Parker always notices. She always has. Comes with the territory of being an FBI agent. When working on a case, she'll notice what's right in front of her. The facts, the emotion, desire burning within her to help people plagued with their Troubles.

And then there's Nathan. She notices him, but does she really notice him? Does she notice the way only he can feel her touch? Does she notice the way he looks at her?

And then there's Chris Brody. The charming, cynical jackass himself. The anti-social marine biologist who does not want to be bothered by anyone. He notices the way she doesn't fawn over him the way everyone else seems to do. After all, his affliction is that everyone likes him. Yes, everyone. Save one. The beautiful, fierce, intelligent Audrey Parker.

But there's a connection between Audrey and Chris. A connection that Nathan is quick to notice. He observes them. He watches the way Chris and Audrey's hands fit together perfectly as they walk out of the barn together through the messy maze of tangled roots.

She doesn't notice Nathan then. But she notices Chris. She smiles widely as he presents her with a fresh bouquet of flowers and laughs because she is so not that girl. She hands him a glass of wine as she listens to his words. That she notices.

"You are… amazing… I want you, Audrey because… because you're you."

When he says those words, she kisses him. Has anyone ever told her she was amazing before? But in that moment, she can't think. She can only focus on him as they pull off each other's clothes and tumble onto her bed, him on top of her. They move together in an unexpected synchronicity. One that comes naturally. If there's one thing she does notice now it is how she feels. The way his arms wrap around her body, the way his hands become tangled in her blonde hair.

In the morning, she'll notice Chris. The way he'll kiss her bare shoulder, the way he'll gaze into her eyes… she'll notice him. Why does she suddenly feel attracted to someone she initially called a jerk?

The one thing she doesn't notice is the buzzing cell phone on her nightstand a few feet away. It buzzes and lights up as her and Chris make love by candlelight. She doesn't notice the name on the display screen as it lights up. Nathan.

And as Chris takes her beneath the sheets of her bed and as she lies against him, her head on his chest fast asleep as the early hours of the following morning begin to creep in, she's still oblivious to the phone. The phone with three missed calls from Nathan.

The one she doesn't seem to notice.

Author's Note: This is my first Haven fic! I actually ship both Audrey/Nathan AND Audrey/Chris! I started watching the show because of Jason Priestley's guest appearance as I am a Jason fan and am familiar with some of his previous work (though I am NOT a 90210 fan!). I LOVE this show and I LOVE Audrey! I do believe that Nathan/Audrey will be endgame, but I do like Audrey/Chris for now. Because I ship both pairings, this was a bit difficult to write, but I knew I had to write something! Please review!