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Fatal Combination

Tru Calling: Fatal Combination

Historian's Note: This story takes place during the first season of Tru Calling in between the episodes D.O.A. and Two Weddings and a Funeral. At this point, Tru knows Jack is her opposite and Luc isn't dead yet.

Chapter One

The buzzing sound of the alarm brought Tru Davies to a frantic start as she sat up in bed on a sunny Saturday morning.

No need to be all edgy. She scolded herself. It's not a rewind day. Or at least let's hope it doesn't turn into one.

Tru got up quickly out of bed and rushed to get dressed. It was Lindsay's birthday and she was meeting Harrison, Randall and the Birthday Girl herself at the local diner in less than 30 minutes.

Can't be late. Can't be late. She thought frantically to herself. If I'm late, Lindsay might get upset and I'm starting to run out of believable and reasonable excuses. They'll all start suspecting something—as if they haven't already.

Tru threw on her favorite top and her favorite pair of designer jeans that she had received from Lindsay on her birthday. She put on her boots and pulled her jewelry drawer open. She selected a silver bead necklace she had received from her mother on her twelfth birthday shortly before her mother's demise.

But that was not the only gift she had received from her mother. On the 10th anniversary of her mother's death, she discovered she had a very unusual gift indeed. She could save people's lives. That was just one component of her very special gift. She could also relive days. It all began when she graduated from college and took a job at the city morgue. The corpses would be brought into the morgue. Usually during their inspection, while trying to figure out their basic info: name, approximate age, time of death, cause of death etc. the eyes of the corpse would suddenly open and turn towards Tru uttering two important and sometimes fatal words: Help me. Images of the present day would flash in the quickest flashback imaginable and Tru would shoot up out of bed finding herself in the same day 24 hours earlier and begin her rescue mission.

Fortunately, Tru wasn't completely alone in her mission. Davis, her boss at the city morgue, knew of Tru's unique gift as he was the one who had found out that her mother had the same gift. He was always there to lend Tru a helping hand although she would have to fill him in on the previous days' events as he didn't remember them. Her younger brother, Harrison, also knew of her gift. Tru always seemed to look out for Harrison. He was a compulsive gambler and he loved wasting his money—or rather Tru's—on horseracing bets. Tru also had an older sister named Meredith. She was a recovering drug addict who had a severe addiction to cocaine and other harmful drugs. Tru often caught her red-handed sneaking drugs here and there wherever she could. Since she had her own personal dilemmas, Tru never revealed her secret to her sister. Her best friend Lindsay also had no idea of Tru's special gift. Lindsay dated Harrison a few times but he never seemed to pull through for her, always coming up with the crappiest excuses why he couldn't afford to pay for a nice dinner or get her a nice gift. Lindsay, fed up with Harrison's silly antics, met Randall, a man she had dated while she had traveled a semester abroad. Although they have only been together for one week, Randall proposed to her and after much careful deliberation—actually only one day—Lindsay accepted his proposal. This irked Harrison a little bit but seeing how well Randall treated Lindsay, he told Lindsay she should accept.

Tru rushed out of her apartment and ran to meet her brother and her friends, determined not to be late.

She arrived just in the nick of time as she spotted the Birthday Girl herself surrounded by none other than her soon-to-be-husband. Leave it to Harry to be late. But what else is new with him? Tru rushed over to her friends.

"Hey guys. Happy Birthday Linds," Tru smiled and gave her best friend a quick hug.

"Hey Tru," Lindsay said happily, hugging her back. She then turned to face everyone. "Thank you guys all so much. You have no idea how much all of this means to me." Lindsay was extremely grateful at this thoughtful birthday gesture.

Suddenly, the door to the breakfast restaurant swung open with great force as a weary looking Harrison plowed through the door. Some of the other customers turned around, facing Harrison's direction as to see the cause of all of the commotion. Tru, Lindsay and Randall looked too. Tru's face flushed mildly red with embarrassment as she rolled her eyes. Leave it to Harry to cause commotion. I wonder what his excuse will be this time. Harrison caught sight of his older sister and ex. girlfriend—if you could even call it that—and rushed over to join them.

"Hey! Sorry I'm late there was, uh, a lot of traffic." All eyes turned towards Harrison. There had been no traffic at all. As a matter of fact, the streets weren't as busy as usual considering that it was a Saturday. Tru exchanged quick looks with Lindsay. On the contrary, that was his 'My alarm clock didn't go off' excuse. Tru had to admit she loved her brother, she just didn't love his excuses and she knew he was capable of making better and smarter decisions.

Shrugging off his lame excuse, Harrison eyed Lindsay. "Happy Birthday." They hugged. "Thanks Harrison."

"I was gonna get you a gift but I, uh,-,"His voice trailed off. There was no need for him to say anything anymore.

Tru met Lindsay's eyes.

Horseracing bets, again?

Yup. Tru confirmed Lindsay's suspicions.

"It's all right Harrison," Lindsay said, as they settled down for a nice breakfast.

They chatted about Tru's work—however boring it can be—and Lindsay and Randall's upcoming wedding plans over a delicious breakfast of pancakes, sausage and decaf coffee.

The only thing worse than talking about my ex. girlfriend's wedding is actually being at my ex. girlfriend's wedding. Harrison thought grudgingly to himself. It's not like he was actually going to be at the wedding, right? What are the chances?

"Hey Tru. Have you heard from Meredith lately?" Lindsay asked. "Nope," Tru replied.

Meredith was at a recovery center for drug addicts. Or at least she's supposed to be. I sure hope she is. For her own sake, at the very least. Her friend's question perturbed her. But she had to let it go. It was Lindsay's special day and she didn't want to ruin it for her.

Then Lindsay asked Tru if she would read a special passage from the Bible on Lindsay and Randall's special day and Tru obliged. "I would love to Linds. It would be my pleasure."

"Thank you Tru," Randall said. "It's Lindsay's favorite Bible verse and she thought that you would be perfect to read it. This means so much to the both of us."

Tru knew that Lindsay found Randall's Irish accent appealing and with his warm personality they seemed perfect for each other. Tru looked over next to her at Harrison and could tell he was uncomfortable with the whole situation. Poor Harry. Seeing his ex. get married right before his eyes must be pretty upsetting. I'm happy for them but I only wish it was that easy for me to stay in a relationship. Tru sighed. If only it were that easy...