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Community and Tru Calling Crossover: Broken Tonight

Chapter One

Jack Harper sighed heavily. He looked up at the building in front of him, then looked down at the flimsy piece of paper in his hand. Yup, that was the correct building.

He tried to clear his mind of thoughts of the past as he climbed up the steps of the building and opened the door. Clearing his mind, however, was no easy feat. Maybe he felt a pang of guilt. Maybe uncertainty. But asking some girl that he had a fling with years ago for help of a different kind made the bile rise in his throat.

He took the elevator to the second floor and stopped at the main desk.

"I'm looking for Britta Perry?" he inquired.

"Down the hall on your left, Office 208," the receptionist replied as she busied herself with work.

208… 208…

He walked down the hall, his eyes searching for the correct number on the door. This building really did look just like an office building, but, right now and to him, the woman in Office 208 might have the answer to the mystery he needed solved. And he needed it solved quickly.

He knocked on the door.

The door opened and Jack recognized the familiar blonde hair of the woman standing before him instantly.

"I'm sorry, can I-… Oh, my God…" Britta said in breathless disbelief. She recognized Jack Harper without hesitation. And that was saying a lot considering she couldn't remember all of the guys from her past that she'd hooked up with at one time or another.

Jack just grinned. "So it's Special FBI Agent Britta Perry now, huh? Or do you still go by Britta?"

Britta rolled her eyes. "If you tell me you've been meaning to return my call, but just haven't gotten around to it, I'm sorry but you're a little more than ten years too late. Are we done?"

"What… no, look, I know it's been awhile, but I looked up this agency online last night and just happened to see your name," he replied. He then lowered his voice. "This isn't about us or the one night stand we had years ago. I actually really need your help."

"Did you lose your car keys?" Britta retorted, clearly thinking Jack's act was some sort of façade, like he was hiding something else.

"I'm serious, Britta. It's about my girlfriend. She's been missing for about three days now."

He pulled out a picture and handed it to her. She took it reluctantly.

Her eyes widened as she gasped with recognition.

"Oh, my God… Tru."

"Yeah, I found her," Jeff Winger said, speaking into his cell phone as he glanced over at the young brunette he'd found in the alleyway only minutes before. "She's definitely hurt. Her face is bruised, her forehead is bleeding and I think she sprained one of her ankles trying to escape. She also seems very disoriented, like she may have been drugged."

Britta was on the other end of the line. "Tell her you know me."

Jeff carefully approached Tru Davies, her brown hair in messy tangles and covering a part of her injured face.

"Tru…" he almost whispered. "I know you're scared and you don't want to talk, but will you at least listen to me?"

She looked up at him, her frightened eyes surveying his face carefully. His voice was soft and his movements around her were slow and cautious, as if he were afraid she might break.

He took a deep breath and continued. "Do you remember your friend Britta from high school?" He pulled out a small picture of Britta from his pocket and showed it to her. "That's who's on the phone with me right now. We got married last year. Here, she wants to talk to you."

Jeff gave the phone to Tru who took it with a shaky hand.

"Tru… I know it's been many years, but I'm back in New York. You did so much for me back in high school. Just let me help you right now, okay?"

"Britta…" Tru barely managed to choke out. "Do you know the guy who… who-…"

"The guy in front of you is Jeff. We're married. He just offered to help me find you. He's gonna take you back to our place, okay?"

A sudden reassurance flooded over Tru at the sound of Britta's voice. Somehow that made everything better.

"Okay," she agreed.

She handed the phone back to Jeff who stepped out of earshot to wrap up the conversation with Britta.

Tru had escaped from her captivity. Wherever that was. And then she ran. She ran until her legs could no longer support her and she collapsed on the black asphalt of some alleyway in the middle of God-knows-where. But, as Jeff walked back over to her and gazed into her eyes, she suddenly felt safe again.

For the first time since she had escaped from the place that had held her prisoner, a place she barely remembered, she could stop running.

As soon as Britta got off the phone with Jeff, she headed into the bathroom and closed the door. On the corner of the sink, there was a box that she had placed there a few hours before. She grabbed the box and took out the white stick inside.

Here goes nothing…

Slow deep breaths. Slow deep breaths. A part of her was hoping for a way out of this, another answer to a question she didn't want to admit to even thinking about. Only minutes later, she had her answer.

Shit. Shit.

"Shit!" she finally screamed out loud as she looked down at the pregnancy test. "Not now…"

She took a few minutes to try and collect herself, but ended up slumped against a wall of the bathroom with her head between her legs.

I don't need this right now…

If there was one thing Britta knew in her heart, it was that abortion wasn't the answer. But she had no idea how to break the news to Jeff. Sure, they were married, but they had planned on waiting to have kids. Her mind wandered briefly back to the night she thought it had happened. The night where they both inevitably ended up drinking to their hearts content at L Street (or was it The Red Door?) where they were celebrating their first year wedding anniversary in the ways only Jeff and Britta knew how. Annie, Troy and Abed had showed up to their celebration, but Shirley had something with her kids and Pierce was attempting to reboot the Hawthorne Wipes Moist Towelette Corporation (yes, it was a corporation now) in Los Angeles. A night of drunken anniversary fun had turned into a night of passionate sex back at the house they now shared.

But now, her friend Tru had to be her priority.

So then I just won't tell Jeff. Not yet anyway. Maybe I-…

But her thoughts were interrupted by none other than Jeff himself.

"Honey, I'm home!"


"I'm… coming!" Britta called as she hastily threw the pregnancy test in the trash, then pulled out some tampons and dumped them in the trash to cover the pregnancy test.

He'll never look in there now.

Britta rushed out of the bathroom to find Jeff and her injured friend Tru. Jeff hadn't been kidding. Tru was in pretty bad shape. Bruises covered her face and a small stream of blood was dripping from a cut on her forehead. She also seemed to be limping and various parts of her lavender blouse and jeans had been torn.

"Tru… Oh, my God…" Britta pulled Tru into a gentle embrace.

"Britta, I-…" Tru began, but tears started streaming down her cheeks faster than she could stop them and she just buried her face in her friend's shoulder.

Jeff stepped back respectfully, briefly making eye contact with Britta.

"I can see you two need some time alone. I'll be in the kitchen if you need anything."

Britta nodded slightly as Jeff left the two girls alone.

"Shhh, it's gonna be okay now, Tru. You're safe here."

Tru pulled back, gazing into Britta's eyes.

"After all these years…" Tru murmured softly. "Just… thank you."

Britta smiled, glad they could reconnect instantly, but wishing it was under different circumstances. Tru was the only one who seemed to understand Britta and take the time to listen to her. The two shared more than their love of ska music and Radiohead and giggling over the latest pictures of celebrities from 90's teen soap operas. They shared a friendship, a kinship that had run deep. One that had been broken unintentionally.

"Come on," Britta told her. "You can stay in our spare guest room. Let's go get you cleaned up."

"I can hear his voice, but I can't see his face," Tru said to Britta after Tru had changed into a fresh pair of older clothes that Britta had. Britta now sat beside her, cleaning the cut on her forehead and checking for other signs of bruising and injury.

"We'll find him. We'll find the person that did this to you," Britta reassured her. "In the meantime, Jack will be coming over soon. Is there anyone else we can call for you?"

"My brother Harrison and my boss Davis," Tru replied. "T-they should know."

"We'll call them for you. Don't worry. But for now, I think you should get some sleep."

Despite the trauma, Tru looked and felt drowsy. The powerful effects of whatever she had been drugged with during her captivity still lingered inside of her, threatening to pull her under deeper into the black pit of disorientation and confusion.

Britta propped Tru's leg up on a pillow while Tru settled into the bed. Barely five minutes later, she was fast asleep.

Britta sighed, gazing at her sleeping friend for a moment, before getting up and closing the door gently behind her. When Britta went into the kitchen, Jeff told her that Jack was on his way and would be there in the next hour or two.

When Jack arrived, Tru was still sleeping. After Jeff and Jack had shaken hands and make some brief small talk, Britta led Jack to the guest room where Tru was sleeping.

Jack entered the room quietly and carefully walked over to the bed, leaning down to brush a soft kiss against Tru's forehead.

"Hey, sweetheart," he whispered softly.

Tru began to stir slowly, opening her eyes to find Jack watching her.

That voice…

Suddenly, Tru screamed loudly, her body shaking as she burst into tears.


"Tru… what… what is it? What's wrong?" Britta asked, charging into the room only seconds after hearing her name. "What's wrong?"

"He… his… his voice. His voice… that's…. I…"

"Tru, sweetheart…" Jack began.

"Jack, let her finish!"

"T-that's him…" Tru said, her voice a panicked whisper.

"What?" Britta asked, slightly confused.

Tru drew a deep breath.

"He's the one that kidnapped me."

To be continued…