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Tru Calling: All That's Best of Dark and Bright

Summary: Sequel to I'm Sorry It's Like This: It threatens to take her over; it feeds on her soul, making her weaker and weaker each day. Can he help her gain control of it – and herself – before it's too late? My second multi-chapter Tru/Jack fic.

Prologue: Belong

The young woman was still, showing no signs of movement whatsoever.

And he kept it that way.

For it was here where he had total control over not just her body but also her mind.

To influence her. To make her stray away from what was right and just. To make her know the difference between dark and bright.

By keeping her here.

By keeping her cloaked in this black darkness.

This is where she belonged in her unconscious state as her waking state would be influenced by the cosmic brightness.

The brightness he used to have.

The brightness which emanated from his soul.

He laughed derisively at the thought of it.

What soul? He had no soul.

For it had been taken from him so long ago that he didn't even remember what it was like to feel good. How it felt to feel bright and happy, illuminated by warm rays of golden sunshine and surrounded by a mild crispness of cool air.

No, he didn't remember. He wouldn't let himself remember.

Because he didn't want to.

He didn't want the cosmic brightness to influence her.

But more importantly, he didn't want him to be an influence on her. He knew quite well about their bond – a bond that had become so rigid, so set and fixed, that not even the cosmic darkness could do it. It couldn't melt the glue that held the bond between Life and Death together in synchronized harmony.

Not even he could do it for it was not up to him.

But she could.

All he had to do was influence her. He had to let the succulent fruit growing inside of her womb devour her completely.

However, he would only get one chance since that was all he got as his hollow shell had once walked the cold, hard Earth.

One night with her. The night she let him enter her willingly as he seduced her in a charming façade of innocence. His breath, his mouth and even his eyes had seduced her as she unknowingly took in her black poison.

And it had worked.

The young brunette slowly began to stir as he leaned over her, his face a mask of warmth and tenderness. He gently caressed her cheek as her eyes fluttered, forcing herself out of another crashing wave of tempting oblivion.

He kept her comfortable.

She wanted to sleep. To drown in oblivion, one even deeper than ones she had experienced before because she was awakened in her still-unconscious state.

"Do you know why you're here, Tru?" Jensen Ritchie's voice swam towards her like a melodic lullaby.

She looked around her as he pulled her into a sitting position, embracing her in the chilling comfort of his waiting arms.

He sat facing her, locking her into his unforgiving embrace.

She was scared.

She didn't want to be here. Yet she dare not move.

And she remained unresponsive.

His bright blue eyes seared into the innocence of her sparkling brown ones.

"This is where you belong, Tru," he continued as his voice became soothing and hypnotic. "Now tell me… why?"

Before she could answer, he took her face in his hands and pressed his frozen lips against hers; savoring the warmth hers offered him.

It tasted delicious.

Tru Davies stared back at him, the feeling of his lips on hers making her feel empty inside.

She didn't want it to be this way. She was trapped in her unconscious mind, praying for a miracle. Praying to resurface.

Praying to belong someplace other than here.

"Because I'm yours."